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Kasalis Pixid™ 500 Series

Active Alignment Assembly Systems

The Pixid 500 series is similarly suitable for high volume camera module manufacturing, and offers a higher UPH for narrow FOV optics.

The Pixid 500 model is a larger version of the Pixid 300 with a modular design that also provides automated active alignment, adhesive application, and UV cure. It efficiently produces more units per hour than the Pixid 300, about 360-450 UPH, depending on a number of factors.

Customize your Pixid™ System
Pixid systems are modular; each module is designed with an independent mechanical and electrical subassembly, and is operated using distributed controls from a centralized computer. Modules are easy to upgrade and customize, so the systems can be updated to new technologies and new products, keeping your production line investment current and competitive.

Benefits: Pixid Solutions for Customer Challenges

  • Active Alignment: As optical technology advances, the position of the lens relative to the sensor is more critical to the overall system performance. Kasalis’ active alignment process uses real-time data to optimize the lens position to yield the highest performance in every device.
  • Advanced Technology: Through our Adaptive IntelligenceTM software, Kasalis systems fine tune the manufacturing process parameters in real time and adjust for longer-term trends in statistical data. This results in a far higher optical device performance and yield than any other manufacturing system on the market today.
  • Low Cost Per Module: By reducing the active alignment time to single digit seconds and providing per-module costs that are competitive with more traditional, passive alignment methods, we have developed products that provide our customers with a competitive edge through both superior technology and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Quantifiable Customer Benefits: Our world-class manufacturing systems allow customers to meet their goals of: Reduced Lead Times, Cutting Operations Costs, Less Time to Market for New Products, Access to Jabil capabilties


  • Active alignment: in 5 or 6 DOF, automated alignment, maximum precision
  • Adaptive intellicence: real time data, statistical process control, continuous improvement
  • Automated adhensive & UV: consistent dispense, automated UV cure, higher yields

 Pixid 500 Specifications

  • Throughput (Units Per Hour): 360-450
  • System Footprint: 1400 mm x 1050 mm
  • FOV: Narrow
  • Resolution: < 0.1 μm (linear), <0.0. deg (angular)
  • Camera Communication: LIN, I2C, CAN
  • Operating System: VxWorks (RT), Embedded Windows 7
  • Dispense Technology: Positive Displcement, Micro-Jetting
Verwandte Produkte
Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Test
Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Test
Camera Module Test System for High Volume Production

The Pixid 300 Test provides comprehensive functional testing and characterization of assembled camera modules for high volume applications.

Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Pro
Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Pro
Camera Module Active Alignment System for High Volume Production

The Pixid 300 Pro is our signature high-volume, precision manufacturing system for camera modules. The Pixid 300 Pro is a fully automated turn-key system that surpasses the competition by offering a compact footprint, high throughput, improved yield, simplified operation and maintenance, and lower cost per part.