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Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Test

Camera Module Test System for High Volume Production

The Pixid 300 Test provides comprehensive functional testing and characterization of assembled camera modules for high volume applications. This system is primarily used for quality assurance of fully assembled camera modules, but may also be used to gain feedback from the effects of the downstream processes (such as final thermal cure or perimeter sealing) after lenses have been aligned and attached. Our test systems include Kasalis’ industry-leading suite of test algorithms which allow our customers to select which tests to execute and the pass/fail criteria for each test.


Key Features

  • Advanced Optical Test: Kasalis’ industry-leading test algorithms allow for comprehensive functional testing of assembled cameras generating improved quality and yield.
  • Adaptive Intelligence™: Real-time data is collected and analyzed allowing for trending of process outputs for use in statistical process control (SPC). Based on collated process results, the system optimizes parameters to improve performance/yield and feeds back useful data to improve upstream and downstream processes.
  • Parallel Process Flow: Manual loading of camera modules is performed in parallel with functional testing in order to obtain the best possible TAKT time.


System Specifications

  • Throughput (Units Per Hour): 240
  • System Footprint: 1100mm x 850mm
  • Camera Interface: Serial (SMIA, MIPI, HiSpi), Parallel, Analog (NTSC, PAL)
  • Camera Communication: LIN, I2C, CAN
  • Operating System: VxWorks (Real Time OS) with Windows 7 Embedded
  • Safety Enclosure: Included
  • Optional Optical Tests: Advanced Lens Tests, Advanced Sensor Tests, Advanced Camera Tests
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Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Pro
Kasalis Pixid™ 300 Pro
Camera Module Active Alignment System for High Volume Production

The Pixid 300 Pro is our signature high-volume, precision manufacturing system for camera modules. The Pixid 300 Pro is a fully automated turn-key system that surpasses the competition by offering a compact footprint, high throughput, improved yield, simplified operation and maintenance, and lower cost per part.